Concrete slab moisture can cause serious problems with the adhesion and stability of floor covering materials, such as tile, wood, resilient sheet and tile flooring, carpet, laminate, epoxy coatings and other non-breathable floor coverings. Many adhesives used for the installation of floor coverings are more moisture sensitive than in the past, due to restrictions on the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Concrete moisture is the most common causes of bond-related floor covering failures. The result of these failures can be loose and/or uneven flooring, which may lead to safety and liability issues. There will also be the expense of replacing the floor covering, along with the inconvenience, possible down-time, and other costs associated with replacing floor coverings. Floor covering manufacturers require the moisture of hardened concrete be less than a specific threshold value prior to installing floor coverings or floor coatings. Most floor covering manufacturer’s warranties will not be valid without proof of concrete moisture testing being performed prior to the installation of the floor covering material, and the results of these tests must be provided upon request. Contact Accurate Concrete Moisture Testing today for accurate results.