We will provide a professional detailed report containing the following information:

1. Name and Address of Structure

2. Identify floor to be tested

3. Test location (by room number, floor plan/map, or building grid)

4. Depth of drilled hole from surface

5. Relative Humidity in Concrete (%)

6. Temperature of Concrete

7. pH of Concrete at each test location

8. Ambient Air Humidity (%)

9. Ambient Air Temperature

10. Instrument Used for Testing

11. Make, Model, and Serial Number of Meter and/or Sensors

12. Name of person performing testing

13. Date of test(s)

14. Company Name, Address, and Phone Number

15. Notes - ie: Jobsite conditions, presence of existing floor covering

16. Recommendations (by request)

17. Photos (by request)

NOTE: If Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Testing is performed you will be provided the Moisture Vapor Emission Rate (MVER) in place of the Relative Humidity inside the concrete